Boots Health Coach

Working with pharmacists, dietitians, and patients to create a service that helps people with type 2 diabetes feel in control of their condition.

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Boots Advantage Card

Digitising one of the UK's most popular loyalty schemes to increase sign ups, usage, and app downloads.

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Bank Workers Charity

Enabling people to combat stressful situations through practical advice and financial support. A full case study is coming soon.

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General Assembly Lectures & Curriculum

Writing, delivering, and iterating the visual design curriculum for an intensive 10 week user experience design course.

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General Assembly Workshops

Giving prospective students a taste of an intensive 10 week user experience design course in less than an hour.

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20th Century Fox

Establishing 20th Century Fox and Posterscope as innovators in advertising by creating the world's first ever NFC-enabled poster campaign.

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TX Odds

Using real customer feedback to design a user interface that makes a complex, data-heavy service accessible to newcomers.

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